How to make Natural Hand Sanitizer to beat the Coronavirus

Natural Hand Sanitizer

The world seems to be under the grip of this new pandemic of its kind, coronavirus is here to stay and cause havoc, both economically and with loss of precious lives. Read more “How to make Natural Hand Sanitizer to beat the Coronavirus”

COVID-19 ANXIETY: Boost Immunity Through Essential Oil Chakra Blends

Boost Immunity Through Essential Oil Chakra Blends

Chakras are energy centers ingrained in your subtle body from base to our spine and have the purpose of energy flow in the body. These are activated via various medication techniques whereby the energy flow from each chakra blends from top to bottom. Read more “COVID-19 ANXIETY: Boost Immunity Through Essential Oil Chakra Blends”

Essential Massage Oil for Women

Essential Oils for Women

A whole world is in ‘Women’; because they are mentally and physically stronger. It is very important for a woman to be very healthy, fit and absolutely ready to take everyday challenges. From the sunrise till late night, women have to stand on their feet and manage to run all errands of daily challenges and problems of life, not just of her own but every other person connected with her. Read more “Essential Massage Oil for Women”

How to Choose Essential Oils for Summer Skin?

Skin care essential oils

Summer season welcomes the season of sweat, summer boil, scorching sun and much more. Okay! Let me ask you a question; do you like summer season? Most of you people will nod your head for Yes and some for No. India, a country receiving four seasons, also welcomes summer season. During the summer season, the burning sun rises up over the head and is ready every time to suck your skin nutrients and glucose from the body, making you deprived of essential nutrients and minerals for the skin as well as body. As during the summer season temperature goes up-to more than 45 degrees Celsius, it becomes hard for the body to maintain the body temperature balance matching with outside temperature. So, the requirement is to give your skin the best value of essential oils for proper care of skin. Read more “How to Choose Essential Oils for Summer Skin?”

7 Best Essential Oils for Relieving your Cold and Flu Symptom

7 Best Essential Oils for Relieving your Cold and Flu Symptom
Image source: pixabay

The changing season affects our body, and most of us get arrested with general cold and flu. The passing winter, as well, scorching summer; both the season time behaves as a peak time for cold and flu. Most of the people taking some natural precautions, do not get under the effect of cold and flu; but in general, most of the people are suffering from cold and flu. It is quite general to hear about cold and flu, but sometimes it becomes a long term course. The patient suffering from cold and flu are advised not to take it so lightly and an easy go. The present time is about high heat, summer and it is the time when you can have cold and flu and it needs a treatment. Read more “7 Best Essential Oils for Relieving your Cold and Flu Symptom”

How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair Growth

How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair GrowthImage source: pixabay

‘Hair problem’ is both common in men and women. What is hair problem? It is termed for something very serious issue or is for something normal. Actually, hair problem is nothing serious and nothing major. It is very common in most of the people and which is in general; hair loss, and hair fall. The two kinds of hair problems, hair fall and hair loss are sometime due to some medical condition; but most of the time is due to our use of chemical products as shampoos and soaps. The hair fall is related to time to time falling of hairs either in small or huge quantity; but hair loss is a term for baldness or moving towards baldness. The number of people having hair problem increases with every rising sun and instead of getting worried or trying any chemical products, there are many natural options and remedies which gives a good result on hair problem issues. Read more “How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair Growth”

Vetiver Essential Oil: An Easy Way to Uplift the Brain Stress and Anxiety

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver oil is extracted from Vetiver plant basically from the roots of the plant; which is commonly known as Khus plant. The khus plant is very common in India and is known as a natural cooling agent. The concept of Vetiver oil is around thousands of years old, and it was used in the treatment of anxiety and stress. Talking more about Vetiver oil, the oil is extracted by steam distillation process of the root part of the plant. It has a very strong effect on the mental and emotional balance. Vtiver oil has really made a great use in medicinal purpose, and therapeutic use. Read more “Vetiver Essential Oil: An Easy Way to Uplift the Brain Stress and Anxiety”

Symbol of Love :: Roses a Best Way to Ease Down Stress and Mind Balancing

Rose flowers are the most romantic flower among every other flower. The flower helps in getting romantic, united and spread love among the lovers. The soft and velvety petals, and its sweet romantic aroma drive the person to another world and gives freshness of mind and soul to the person having or sitting around the roses. Roses are of various species and different colors, but here we are not talking about the roses, but we will talk about the Rose Otto oil. The rose Otto oil is extracted from the rose flowers and the oil gives a deep impact on many natural care and medicinal uses. The rich and sweet aroma of roses makes women love to use in many ways and also use at home to maintain the mood balance of their surrounding. Read more “Symbol of Love :: Roses a Best Way to Ease Down Stress and Mind Balancing”

Common Ways to Use Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid, extracted from berries, Bark, Flowers, Leaves, peel, Resin, Rhizome, Roots, Seeds, and Woods, and a single drop of essential oils can give powerful benefits. The extraction process of natural essential oils requires high lever tools and machines with pure raw materials. After extraction, the products looks like oily and water form in different color. Due to grumous in some of extracted essential oils it need to be diluted by the using carrier oils. But some of essential oils like lavender, rose, geranium and sandalwood may use without dilution. Read more “Common Ways to Use Natural Essential Oils”

How Bergamot Essential Oils are Effective for Body

Real fact behind the name of Bergamot Essential Oil”: bergamot Essential Oils named on the name of city Bergamo, that is in Lombardy, Italy. Originally it was sold here. It is also produced in Ivory Coast, Argentina, Morocco, Turkey, and Brazil.

Bergamot essential oil well known as Citrus bergamia that extracted from hand- or cold-pressed rind of a nearly ripe fruit of the bergamot tree. Bergamot natural essential oils are popular and highly demanded essential oils across the globe. Its use in high end commercial products, perfumes and scent. Read more “How Bergamot Essential Oils are Effective for Body”