How to Choose Essential Oils for Summer Skin?

Skin care essential oils

Summer season welcomes the season of sweat, summer boil, scorching sun and much more. Okay! Let me ask you a question; do you like summer season? Most of you people will nod your head for Yes and some for No. India, a country receiving four seasons, also welcomes summer season. During the summer season, the burning sun rises up over the head and is ready every time to suck your skin nutrients and glucose from the body, making you deprived of essential nutrients and minerals for the skin as well as body. As during the summer season temperature goes up-to more than 45 degrees Celsius, it becomes hard for the body to maintain the body temperature balance matching with outside temperature. So, the requirement is to give your skin the best value of essential oils for proper care of skin. Read more “How to Choose Essential Oils for Summer Skin?”

Vetiver Essential Oil: An Easy Way to Uplift the Brain Stress and Anxiety

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver oil is extracted from Vetiver plant basically from the roots of the plant; which is commonly known as Khus plant. The khus plant is very common in India and is known as a natural cooling agent. The concept of Vetiver oil is around thousands of years old, and it was used in the treatment of anxiety and stress. Talking more about Vetiver oil, the oil is extracted by steam distillation process of the root part of the plant. It has a very strong effect on the mental and emotional balance. Vtiver oil has really made a great use in medicinal purpose, and therapeutic use. Read more “Vetiver Essential Oil: An Easy Way to Uplift the Brain Stress and Anxiety”