How to Choose Essential Oils for Summer Skin?

Skin care essential oils

Summer season welcomes the season of sweat, summer boil, scorching sun and much more. Okay! Let me ask you a question; do you like summer season? Most of you people will nod your head for Yes and some for No. India, a country receiving four seasons, also welcomes summer season. During the summer season, the burning sun rises up over the head and is ready every time to suck your skin nutrients and glucose from the body, making you deprived of essential nutrients and minerals for the skin as well as body. As during the summer season temperature goes up-to more than 45 degrees Celsius, it becomes hard for the body to maintain the body temperature balance matching with outside temperature. So, the requirement is to give your skin the best value of essential oils for proper care of skin.

Skin needs more care during summer

Skin becomes the first target in the summer to be damaged and get some kind of skin problems. The scientific reason behind the skin problem is ultraviolet rays and radiations of the Sun, which gives skin problems like summer boils, rashes, redness, itching, tanning, roughness, and likewise several other skin problems. Skin, as being the most sensitive and delicate part of the body needs to be best cured and best taken care during the summer season. People having a skin allergy to the heat, has to take some more care about their skin. The starting of the skin problem is an alert for you to be prepared and get ready for a tough fight against the summer protecting your skin.

Essential oil in summer helps against heat-

The essential oils are the best marked oil for the skin treatment, and providing cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Using the essential oil as suggested gives your skin a rejuvenation and perfect balance to be staying healthy outdoors and enjoy the summer fullest. However, there are many cosmetics and beauty products having the property of treatment of summer and helping in repairing the skin. Essential is noted as best natural treatment for the skin rejuvenation and repairing of the skin. Since the earliest time, an essential oil has proven itself to be the best natural way for its herbal effects. Every essential oils have different effects on the skin, so it needs to be chosen the essential oil compatible and best for the skin.

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Best essential oil your skin demands in the skin-

The essential oil as being the basic requirement of the skin in summer, it has to be better chosen and which having the best effects on the skin. Let us look for top most essential oils best for skin in summer-

  • Vetiver essential oil-Vetiver essential oil has the best cooling effect, when it is mixed with Khus oil. It is helpful in getting relief from the heat of the summer.
  • Lavender essential oil– lavender has the property of cooling and it is helps in balancing the mind and skin cooling giving a refreshing touch to both.
  • Clary sage essential oil– the oil has the effective property of cooling , and it helps in managing the cooling of nerves and skin and give it a charming look.
  • Peppermint essential oil- the oil has the property of refreshing and cooling skin and mind. It helps in the summer to maintain a balance of both mind and body with a cooling effect.
  • Pitta essential oil– this oil has the property of cooling effects, but when it is mixed with lavender, rose geranium and Ruh khus. The oil deeply penetrates into the skin and it helps in fighting absorbing heat.
  • Rosemary– the oil has the property of antiseptic, and it helps in treatment of wounds and give the skin an antiseptic property for making the skin fight with summer wounds and rashes.
  • Tea tree- the oil has the property to give skin a perfect benefit helping in rashes, and repairing skin conditions.
  • Lemon eucalyptus- the oil is bug repellent and it helps in keeping away the bugs and helps in maintaining the skin best in summer.

How to use?

The essential oil are best used in summer for its property and healing effects on the skin. The oil can be mixed in water, used as an ointment and even as a massage oil for the making the oil reach into the skin and note its benefits. Using essential oils in summer, helps in giving the skin a cooling sensation, keeping it away from the bugs and reduces the effect of outside heat. Also, it helps in balancing the skin, with the perfect balance of cooling and calming effect.

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