Essential Massage Oil for Women

Essential Oils for Women

A whole world is in ‘Women’; because they are mentally and physically stronger. It is very important for a woman to be very healthy, fit and absolutely ready to take everyday challenges. From the sunrise till late night, women have to stand on their feet and manage to run all errands of daily challenges and problems of life, not just of her own but every other person connected with her.

A healthy body needs a healthy nutrition, which can provide all demands of the body as essential nutrients which are minerals and vitamins in the form of supply. In very short, it is truly said, that women are backbone; so it needs to be properly enriched with nutrients and gift them a happy and healthy life.

Women health a major concern-

As it is needed for every woman to be healthy, still there are various health issues related to women. Every other day, women get into some disorders and imbalances of internal system. It is a major concern for women, so the essential oil is best recommended for giving a proper care as a massage with essential oils to cure their disorders.

Essential oils are best natural treatment for every woman to give them a proper cure and care of every kind of problems like;

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Mood swings

Women problem best cured with essential oil-

As we know that massage with essential oil, is since ancient days. As per today, the demand of women problem, let us check top essential oils best for women-

  • Clary Sage; the oil has the property of anti-depressant. It is best used during the menstrual period of women to control mood swings and give them comfort from stomach pain.
  • Lemon; it has the property of de-stressing. The oil is taken to purify the toxins from the body and remove the impurities.
  • Lavender; the oil is best used and known for reducing the stress and calm the nerves. It is also best for sound sleep and get rid of stress.
  • Geranium; the oil has the property of conditioning. It is gentle to the skin and hair. It is mixed with shampoos and bath oil for making the proper balance of oil in the skin and body moisturizer.
  • Basil; the oil is the best treatment for tired muscles and ease out the pain. A gentle massage with the oil gives relief to the stressed and tired muscles.
  • Wild orange; it has the property of a mood lifter. The oil helps in recreating and keep back the stressed mood.
  • Oregano; the oil has the property of immunity boosting. The oil helps in improving immunity and cures auto immune diseases of respiratory and digestive tract.
  • Melaleuca; the oil has the property of anti-bacterial. It helps in making skin healthy and glowing.
  • Frankincense; it has the property of a mood lifter, and also it helps in moisturizing skin and giving treatment to skin irritation.
  • Ginger; it is effective as pain killer oil for joint pains. The oil is effective in improving digestion, as well soothes joint pain.

How to take the oil and its effect?

A regular massage with essential oils really makes the difference in health issues. As per your health issue and women related health problems, check the best essential suiting you, and use for massage to feel the difference in you. The essential oils are best used as massage oil, and it can also be taken mixed with bath oils and with some amount of carrier oil.

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