COVID-19 ANXIETY: Boost Immunity Through Essential Oil Chakra Blends

Boost Immunity Through Essential Oil Chakra Blends

Chakras are energy centers ingrained in your subtle body from base to our spine and have the purpose of energy flow in the body. These are activated via various medication techniques whereby the energy flow from each chakra blends from top to bottom.

With recent spread of deadly Coronavirus, your anxiety level can be of the alarming stage due to various chemicals secreted by your body. This, in turn, will lead to clogged chakras and would manifest itself into various diseases in the body. Balancing your chakras becomes essential for a healthy lifestyle wherein your mind, body, and spirit share synchronous energies.


Recent studies have unearthed a new phenomenon regarding various chakra blends the human body has and how can essential oils be used for better coordination between these chakras. Through these essential oils, the chakras can be regulated and balanced as a process of increasing immunity of the body as well as strengthening the nervous system in due course. Most of the essential oils are extracts from plants are ingredients from natural plants and are chemical-free agents that soothe the body when applied in the right proportions. You can use various essential oils to unclog various chakras by applying essential oil blend for specific chakras.

How can essential oils be used to balance key chakras in your body?

Root Chakra /Muldhara: is responsible reproductive organs and blood circulation in the body. It is also related to spine, colon, legs, feet. Essential oils such as lavender and patchouli are very effective for unblocking of this chakra and release of the vital energy into the upper abdomen.

Sacral Chakra / Svadhishthana: This chakra in the body is the main cause for sense and pleasure. Located in the lower part of abdomen, it is also responsible for appendix, kidney, urinary bladder and abdomen. Unclogging of this chakra can free you with lot of ailments you might be suffering with. Applying Lemongrass or Neroli Essential Oil can be your best bet. With regular use of these essential oils, you can see a calmness in your mood and senses. Many of your ailments regarding kidney and urinary bladder can be naturally contained.

Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura: Simulating this important chakra located around your navel region should be your prime importance. Many of your body functions run through the organs located in your abdomen and are thus can be controlled with rectifying and balancing this chakra. Organs such as liver, spleen gallbladder and nervous system can be regulated with balancing of Solar Plexus ChakraEssential oils such Verbena, Rose and Pine are considered to be a relieving factor and as an inducement of a healthy solar plexus chakra. When applied at specific points on the chakra, you can get marvelous results and replenish your body with an adrenaline rush.

Heart Chakra / Anahata: This is another very vital chakra which resides in your body. Located in the center of your chest, it is mainly responsible for organs vital for your survival such as heart, lungs, lymph glands and your entire cardiac system. Essential oils such as rosewood, sandalwood can soothe your being and bring back vital energy to your body. The aroma of rosewood can be magnificent and can solve dual purpose of healing along with being with an aromatic fragrance.  A gentle massage is all what is needed to refurbish your heart chakra, the results are yourself to see.

Throat Chakra / Vishuddha: This chakra is related to your communication and is located in your neck. The throat chakra is associated with your communication and other vital body movement points such as shoulder, hands, arms along with your esophagus. In order to balance and heal your throat chakra, usage of essential oils such as lavender and Tea tree could turn out to give fantastic results. Eucalyptus can be another essential oil which can help you immensely to tidy up your unbalanced throat chakra. A gentle rubbing around key points on your neck and shoulder can turn out to be therapeutic and can give considerable results by way of efficient listening and speech.

Third eye Chakra / Ajna: The idiom “opening of the third eye” relates to this chakra. A pivot chakra ingrained in your body, It is located between your eyebrows and is vital for your brain, eyes and ears as well as your nervous system. A balanced and replenished third eye chakra can do wonders. Essential oils like Sandalwood, Geranium are considered highly effective in balancing of this chakra. With continuous use, you can see a change in your memory pattern along with an increased intuitive percept.

Crown Chakra / Sahasrara: Is more about knowledge and consciousness. Located on the very top of your head, it exemplifies your endocrine system, nervous system and the subconscious mind. Lime and Frankincense essential oil are highly recommended for unclogging this vital chakra. As this chakra controls your central nervous system, a quick daily message with these oils would turn out to be beneficial for you. Also, with regular usage you can boast of a good sense of perception with enhanced memory. People have also experienced a sense of divine spiritual connection along with high rated intelligence,

Thus, essential oils are a vital recipe for the enhancement and refurbishing various chakras in your body, which in turn gives you a sense of completeness of mind, body and spirit and finally enhance your true self in existence keeping anxiety at bay.


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