How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair Growth

How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair GrowthImage source: pixabay

‘Hair problem’ is both common in men and women. What is hair problem? It is termed for something very serious issue or is for something normal. Actually, hair problem is nothing serious and nothing major. It is very common in most of the people and which is in general; hair loss, and hair fall. The two kinds of hair problems, hair fall and hair loss are sometime due to some medical condition; but most of the time is due to our use of chemical products as shampoos and soaps. The hair fall is related to time to time falling of hairs either in small or huge quantity; but hair loss is a term for baldness or moving towards baldness. The number of people having hair problem increases with every rising sun and instead of getting worried or trying any chemical products, there are many natural options and remedies which gives a good result on hair problem issues.

Hair problem a major problem in women-
If categorized among people suffering from hair problem, the maximum number is about women. Women apply most of the beauty products on their hair and scalp as a nourishing, but actually it takes them to hair problem. The whitening of hair, dandruff, split ends, roughness of hair, slow hair growth, hair fall are general symptoms of hair problem seen in women. It is always advisable to start a treatment, before it gets too late and you get into depression about your lost hair. When you meet someone having some kind of hair problem, you start about sharing your pain with others and in return you get tons of tips and remedies. However, the best way to nourish your hair natural remedy is easily taken care at home and giving best results.

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Start considering your hair fall before it gets too late
Time always matters and if it is about taking care of yourself, then you must hear the call of time demanding your concern. Looking your earlier record of having long, smooth and silky hair having good thickness; surely gives you a setback feeling about the transformation of your own hair into rough, dry and less dense. Hair fall is easily curable and easy to regain if it is considered and taken care on-time. Slowly hair fall, leads into major hair loss and it do not come back on time, which gives a bad feeling and a matter to consider upon for on-time hair fall treatment.

Top essential oils for hair growth-
The essential oils are noted as to be the best remedy for hair fall and hair growth. The touch of nature and its property works on the treatment of hair falls. They are blessed with some of the properties like; anti graying, anti-hair fall, repairing hair follicle, dry scalp and much more. Here are the best suggested essential oils for your hair growth-

How Essential Oil can Enhance Hair Growth

Image source: pixabay

Lavender essential oil– has the property of moisturizer, antimicrobial, antiseptic which deeply nourishes the scalp and prevents in hair fall turning hair growth and also good for dandruff remedy.

Rosemary essential oil– it is enriched with anti-oxidants and gives hair a new growth and softness. Also, it helps in opening pores and increasing blood circulation with promoting hair growth.

Cedarwood essential oil– it has the property of anti-septic and anti-bacterial, resulting best in the treatment of Alopecia an auto immune diseases for hair loss. Also, it is best used for dandruff treatment and itchy scalp.

Thyme essential oil– it is best noted in the hair fall treatment. It rejuvenates the scalp and skin and gives promotion to re-growth of new hair.

Peppermint essential oil– it is perfect for dry scalp. The property of the oil, helps in opening the clogs and pores and helps in controlling the hair fall.

Chamomile essential oil– it has a strong property of anti-inflammatory; which is best for providing essentials to the dry and itchy skin. It is used for the treatment of dandruff control and problem of dermatitis.

Clary Sage essential oil– the oil controls excess oil in the hair and helps in managing oil and curly hair.

How essential oil works-
The essential oil can be used in many different ways to work on the treatment of hair fall. However, here are some suggestions about the ways to take essential oil for your hair treatment.
•  You can mix the essential oil in general coconut oil or any other hair oil for scalp and hair massage.
•  The essential oil can be mixed with the carrier oil to massage on the scalp.
•  You can mix the essential oil in some quantity of water to get the best results of the hair treatment.
•  The essential oil can be directly applied on scalp as a massage oil and leave for rest for around 20 minutes and some oils can be left overnight.
•  You can mix the essential oil into your shampoo for hair wash.

Every essential oil has their own property and their own way to take or use for best results. Take the desirable essential oil as per your hair problem and give your hair a proper nourishment and treatment.

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