Symbol of Love :: Roses a Best Way to Ease Down Stress and Mind Balancing

Rose flowers are the most romantic flower among every other flower. The flower helps in getting romantic, united and spread love among the lovers. The soft and velvety petals, and its sweet romantic aroma drive the person to another world and gives freshness of mind and soul to the person having or sitting around the roses. Roses are of various species and different colors, but here we are not talking about the roses, but we will talk about the Rose Otto oil. The rose Otto oil is extracted from the rose flowers and the oil gives a deep impact on many natural care and medicinal uses. The rich and sweet aroma of roses makes women love to use in many ways and also use at home to maintain the mood balance of their surrounding.

What is Rose Otto oil?

The rose Otto oil is an extracted oil from rose flowers and it is being used since long time for healing effects, and skin therapy. The oil has dense properties as a few drops of oil counts more than thirty rose flower aroma. The extraction of oil and using for various purposes is quite old. The price of rose Otto oil becomes costly when extracted. The oil works miracles on the skin and creating rejuvenation. The rose Otto oil is extracted from certain specified rose species like Damascus, Cabbage and French rose. Looking more into Rose Otto oil, it is very much used by women as because the oil has feminine property. It has created and helped in many healing many disorders related to women and gave satisfactory results.

Extraction method of rose oil-

Usually the essential oil is extracted from Damascus and Cabbage species of roses. The process used for extraction is distillation and it costs quite high, making the Otto oil as the most costly oil in the market. The oil is non-toxic and is restricted in some uses. During the extraction process, the heat temperature is always monitored and controlled as high heat may cause damage to its aroma. The best time for the extraction is during early morning hours. The distillation process takes up more than two hours and then get the small amount of concentrated thick rose Otto oil. As it is already stated that pure and rich concentrated rose oil is very expensive in the market, so it is mixed with some chemical components to make it low expensive and dilute the oil, it consists of more than three hundred chemical components.

Benefits of Rose Otto oil-

The Rose Otto oil has feminine properties so it is used for healing many disorders related to women. The oil is quite helpful in balancing and regulating stress, hypertension and curing disorders like;

  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Commands brain to be happy
  • Balancing nervous system
  • Antidepressant
  • Cures cramp pain
  • Balances gynecological disorders

The Rose Otto essential has properties that can take you out from stress and give your mind a deep relaxation and helps in rejuvenating. The oil is mixed with some other oils like Jojoba oil to use it for aromatherapy and spa. The sweet, aromatic fragrance creates relaxing feeling and low down the mental stress and anxiety. Also, it is good for the skin. The other uses of oil is as an essence for eatables, which is highly diluted. It is also used in perfumery industries, aromatic candles, soaps, creams and several cosmetics products. The rose Otto oil having its one property attar is used widely in making of incense sticks, and lots more daily other uses.

Benefit of rose oil on the skin-

The beauty is something which should to be maintained life-ever. Here is the most ancient therapy of skin treatment with rose Otto oil for skin. The oil gives a perfect glow and radiance to the skin, which helps in skin toning and reduces to look dull. The regular use of rose oil in the bath, massage or mixing in body lotion and daily cream gives your skin a perfect toning and glow with every use. The dream of having soft and smooth skin for long age and not look ageing in very early ages all can be reduced with the regular use of the rose oil. Also in ancient days the oil was used for aromatic purposes and massage on body to maintain its softness balance. The high quality rose Otto oil is used in Spa and many rejuvenation centers.

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