Oleoresin Oils – What They Are and How They Benefit You

Oleoresins are natural essential oil that is naturally obtained by the extraction of liquids spices and oils. The taste of oleoresins like pungency because they have possess, aroma and other attributes. Basically oleoresins are prefer due to pungency, flavour and microbiological benefits. Oleoresins oils are consumed by the manufacturing industry like foods, beverages, noodles, sauces and many other items across the globe. So, the requirement of this oils are broad in the market of any country.  ISI has specified quality standards vide IS 5832 & 7826 of 1975.

Oleoresin Oils Benefits

Manufacturing Process of oleoresins Oils:

Oleoresins are extracted from different raw spices that are basically cleaned and then with the help of solvents. The solvents that might be used for the extraction of oleoresins are alcohol, hexane, acetone and many other solvents in a limited quantity. For easy production of oleoresins, the spice oils must be distilled initially then this oils can be extracted y using different solvents.

“Extraction is possible by percolation of the solvents at room temperature through a bed of ground spices packed in a SS percolator. The dark viscous extract containing not less than 10% of total soluble solids are drawn off and distilled under reduce pressure to remove the excess of solvent. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.” Source: scribd.com


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Benefits of oleoresins:

  • Consistency in flavour
  • Much longer shelf life
  • Zero bacterial contamination.
  • Ease of storage and handling
  • Full release of flavour during cooking.
  • Convenience of use – can be blended to achieve the desired characteristics.
  • Convenient hygienic substitutes for spice powders in fortifying flavour profiles of food products.

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