How to have an Excellent and Relaxing Spa at Home?

Why need to spend money on spa treatment, you can make spa products yourself at your home. Now a day we have lots of natural essential oils available that help to produce spa products. In our home mostly milk, honey, papaya, fruits and  some of its relevant products found, these products might help in spa at your home on low cost.


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To have a relaxing massage in home, just choose a day and turned off your mobile and switched on the smooth light in bathroom. And take a bath for long time with little hot water.

Process how to take relaxing spa:

  1. Draw a bathroom and take the necessary stuff. Fill the tub with little hot water (Take care of temperature) in the tub and enter in the tub with fluffy towel and dim the lights and switched on the romantic lights and your favorite music. Also take some natural (essential) fragrance oils.
  2. You can also take the benefits of aromatherapy by using essential oils in your water. It may give you better home spa experience. Do not forget to add bath relaxing products.
  3. To get moisturizing effects on skin you can add milk in your bath or you can try other such oils like almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  4. After taking time, start to massage your mussels, legs, heads, fingers and other part of your body.
  5. You can try body scrubs while having massage, body scrubs can make your skin smooth and soft after the bath.
  6. Lavender essential oils can also help you in spa as Lavender oils have lots of skin care properties but I would suggest you to take this oil according to the needs.

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These above process can defiantly help you in to get relaxing spa in your home. And you can also save lots of expenses. Now just go ahead and prepare for an awesome and relaxing massage at your home.

5 thoughts on “How to have an Excellent and Relaxing Spa at Home?

  1. Nicely described @Kishor. I am using some of essential oils at our spa center. Will get back to you. Keep it up!

  2. Completely agreed with your justifications. I dont think its necessary to go spa treatment outside, because we already lots of spa oils and products. We can use them itself.

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