How Patchouli Essential Oil helps in Aromatherapy?

Patchouli essential oil, native to India and Malaysia, is known to have many health benefits to people. As this herb has amazing healing properties, it is used in treating any type of skin infections. Due to its sweet aroma, it is also used in the making of perfumes. In earlier days, it was used to protect clothes from insects due to its insect repellant and insecticidal properties.

Some of the most common healing properties and health benefits of this oil are discussed below:

Antidepressant: – Those of you who are suffering from depression, patchouli oil is boon for them. It will help you to get rid of your frequent negative feelings and fill you with new hopes and aspirations. Inhaling patchouli essential oil has great impact on hormones that bring forth various biological reactions between the body and mind. Due to this biological reaction, pleasure hormones are released which helps uplifts mood and relaxes tension in the most of people.

Anti-Septic- Anti-septic properties of patchouli essential oil helps to protect the ulcers and wounds from infections and from being septic. Massage of affected area with a few drops of Patchouli essential oil mixed with base oil could have great impact on wounds. From any type of serious skin infections including tetanus, Patchouli essential oil protects against all that possibility.

Cytophylactic:  One of the most important properties of Patchouli essential oil, is to help in generation of new blood cells and promote its growth. It enhances in the production of body’s red blood cells that keeps skin young, vibrant and healthy. As an oxygenating agent in body, it boosts the overall metabolism of the body. In general, it helps in regenerating new cells, thus keeping the skin looking healthy, young and vibrant.

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Anti Phlogistic: It helps in reducing inflammation, particularly those who result from fever and provides relief. It is also useful in treating internal inflammation from conditions like arthritis and gout.

Aphrodisiac: This oil has been used as an Aphrodisiac for many centuries. Due to its pleasant scent, it was used to enhance sex power in their sixties. It is good for treating sexual problems like loss of libido, erectile problems, impotency or frigidity etc.

Astringent: It enhances muscle, skin and nerve contractions. It also helps in strengthening the gum hold on teeth, reduces hair fall, loosening of muscles and skin shagging. Patchouli essential oil reduces bleeding by increasing blood vessel contraction.

Deodorant: The spicy, musky and sweet aroma of this essential oil helps in keeping body odor at bay. However, due to its strong aroma, you should avoid direct use of Patchouli essential oils. Before use, it should be mixed with base oils and rub it on the odor prone parts of the body.

Cicatrisant: It helps speed the healing process of cuts and wounds. It also helps in vanishing the marks left by scars, chicken pox, measles, boils etc.

Gargle:  One of the health benefits of Patchouli essential oil is in treating bad breath and halitosis. Due to this property, it is added to mouthwash or gargling solutions for a fresher breath.

Insecticide: This property of oil is recognized since a long time. Although it has a pleasant scent, it also helps in keeping insects and mosquitoes away. A few drops of patchouli essential oil in the water can kill the germs, thus, some people use in water while washing clothes to kill any germs in it.

Diuretic: Due to the diuretic nature of Patchouli essential oil, it is used in treating the urine problems.  It helps in increasing the frequency of urination which enhance the fluids circulation in the body while taking toxins along with it. Due to this health benefits, it is used in lowering the blood pressure, removal of toxins from body, improving the appetite and reducing cholesterol level.

With plenty of benefits associates with it, you simply cannot afford to ignore patchouli oil.

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