Common Ways to Use Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquid, extracted from berries, Bark, Flowers, Leaves, peel, Resin, Rhizome, Roots, Seeds, and Woods, and a single drop of essential oils can give powerful benefits. The extraction process of natural essential oils requires high lever tools and machines with pure raw materials. After extraction, the products looks like oily and water form in different color. Due to grumous in some of extracted essential oils it need to be diluted by the using carrier oils. But some of essential oils like lavender, rose, geranium and sandalwood may use without dilution.

Before, 1928 essential oils was not popular, but now its look like that the demand of essential oils growing day by day across the globe.

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In 1928, French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé used lavender oil to heal a burn on his hand. He then decided to get analyze the properties of this oil and how it could be helpful in the treatment of skin infections.

Essential oils are derived from the different source of plants:

Common Ways to Use Natural Essential Oils

Here is the three common way of using natural essential oils:

  1. Essential oils used for health purpose – For over 5,000 years, plant Essential oils are largely used in aromatherapy and health purpose for verity of health conditions. Some of the most popular essential oils used for health benefits are Peppermint oil for instance, Lavender oil can help with insomnia and headaches, Rose and geranium essential oils can help to relieve in pre-menstrual syndrome, Clove oil help to get relief for a toothache.
  1. Essential oils used in beauty and cosmetic products – There are lots of beauty and cosmetic products that made by using essential oils these days. Mostly, these oils are used in perfumes, hair care products, skin care products, hair oils, face wash, beauty products and many more. Some of essential oils like, peppermint oil with a carrier oil can be used improve muscle soreness, Ginger well known as to produce skin massage oil, lavender oils can give you deep relaxation, Rosemary essential oil can help to combat hair loss.
  1. Essential Oils for “Home Uses” – Essential oils can also be used in home according to needs, like home cleaning, washing, and many other purpose. The highly demanded oils are lemon, mint and tea tree oils for the dish, floor and counter cleaning, frankincense and lavender for laundry, tea tree oil and lavender essential oils to killing mold, patchouli essential oil to keep away moths from cloths.

Now a day, natural essential oils are demanded across the globe due to its benefits, In India there are lots of natural essential oils manufacturers in kannauj, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and many other places. Kannauj is a hub of perfume, Indian Attars and other essential oils manufacturing.

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