Carrier Oils – What’s benefits, How to use basically and its Properties

First of all, we need to know in details about carrier oil before going to describe its uses, benefits, properties and such other things. Basically carrier oils are well known as base oils and vegetable oil. As we know Oils have been used across the globe for centuries. Now a day, there are lots of oils available in the market that is quite complicated to judge and buy 100% pure oils. In our guide you will get complete guide especially on carrier/ base oils. I am really very excited to share some research and let you know about the carrier oils. Let me ahead to explain!

What you will find in this our Blog?  

  • Brief details on Carrier oils/ what is actually a carrier oil?
  • How to use carrier oils in daily life
  • Essential Oils vs. Carrier Oils
  • 8 Best and Most Popular Carrier Oils
  • Storage and safe use of carrier oils

What is Carrier oils/ Base oils/ Vegetable oils?

Carrier oils extracted from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. We can say its plant based oils because vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are actually comes under plan category. These oils are used to dilute essential oils because essential oils are quite fatty. And also these oils are not aromatic as like essential oils. That is why base oils have been used as an absolute with pure essential oils.

Uses of Carrier oils in daily life!

As I explained above, carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils, as an absolute or with aromatic essential oils it has been used in lots of products that we are using in our daily life. Carrier oils can be used in hair care products, aromatherapy, massage oils and cream, skin care liquids and gels, cleaning liquids, homemade beauty products, cosmetic products that generally used by women’s, cooking oils and masala. It will be harmful if carrier oils used directly/ undiluted, so be careful and use according to the guide, expert advice or with essential oil. Each and every essential oils has its own property so the quantity of carrier oils should be used to dilute essential oils in a proper way.

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Essential Oils vs. Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils do not produce aroma, but essential oils carries aroma. Carrier oils often used with essential oils, you cannot use directly anywhere. Carrier oils are extracted from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, but mostly essential oils extracted through form the non-seed part of the plant and trees. Carrier oils take out through cold pressing method but essential oils can be extracted through two method Distillation (includes hydrodistillation) and Expression. At the dilution state of essential often carrier oils are used in a limited quantity.

Top 10 carrier Oils that use in Skin care and other body products

Carrier name Uses
Jojoba Oil Light Moisturizer – Fungicide – Mildew Controller
Avocado Oil Heal Scalp – Hair Nourishment – Hair Growth
Olive Oil Control Dandruff & Dry Scalp
Coconut Oil Softens Hair – Conditions Scalp
Castor Oil Hair Growth – Reduce Hair Thinning
Rose Hip Seed Oil Dry, aging skin, help reduce scarring
Tamanu Oil Irritated/inflamed skin, sunburns, scars, and stretchmarks
Evening Primerose Oil used on dry aging skin
Palm Kernel Oil Helps produce a nice, hard bar with a great lather
Almond Oil Used in a number of DIY recipes

List of Carrier oils: Get list of 100% pure carrier Oils/ Base oils and Buy online

Storage and safe use of carrier oils

To make life of carrier oils longer and get it safe for long time keep in mind that carrier oils should be placed in a dark and cool place. One more think that you should consider while going to use carrier oils, you could sniff the oils. If smell of oils feel like not perfect then it would be better to go ahead with other or same fresh oil.

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