Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil for Health

Melissa Essential Oil and Lemon Balm Oil both are the same name. This week I have studied about Melissa Essential Oil, I am shocked, because of the searches of this oil on internet. Melissa Oils is highly searchable oils across the globe due to the benefits. It’s also an expensive, if someone offers Melissa essential oil at low price; it’s most likely been cut with less expensive oil, like lemon, citronella, or lemongrass.

After reading lots of article over Melissa essential oils, I also got in the favour of Melissa Oil and I love it to use in my daily life. Why not we should use it? Why we are moving to buy medicine?  I am completely agreed with the blog post of “RANA” about “A Perfect Example of Alternative Medicines”.

This oils earned good reputation due to one of another reason e.g. used in nearly all sorts of eel due to its soothing properties while having a sweet, pleasant aroma.  One interesting thing, Melissa Essential Oil is well known as sweet Oil and Common Oil in the globe.

Here is the use of Melissa Essential Oil:

Melissa oil is a great essential oil, used to help in depression, colds and viruses, nervous disorders, and nevus of PMS and menopause. I think most of the people searching it for depression, because depression is the biggest problem with human.

In which purpose Melissa Essential Oil is useful: 

Antidepressant: Melissa oil is effective antidepressant and mood lifter and also it has been found to drive away mulligrubs and move to joy and hope.  Due to this effectiveness In 15th Century this oils was “Elixir of Life”.

Help in Nervous disorders: Melissa oil is also uses as a tonic to avoid nervous disorders and keep nervous system healthy, functioning properly.  Problems like vertigo, nervousness, and convulsions can be treated using this property of Melissa essential oil.

Antibacterial: It has also antiradical properties and is discovered to be effective for bacterial infections in the colon, bowels and kidneys.

Uses as a tonic: A tonic of Melissa oil is to make functioning all the function of body parts and it also boost up stamina, strength, immunities as well.

Caution to use of this oils:

As per my research it is non-toxic oil but it may cause irritations for sensitive people. Especially pregnant women’s and sensitive skin people should avoid using this oil.

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