Benefits of Carrier oils for Massage with Essential oils

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Benefits of carrier oils for massage with Essential oils
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Massage oils are a great way to improvise the benefits of massage therapy, the massage therapy and techniques are completely evolved in order to accommodate the use of different type of massage oils. It is not possible to get massage benefits without aromatic oils or other skin care products. There are many reason to prefer oils in massage like, facilitate the gliding over the skin thus avoiding irritation, and nourish the body and absorption of the essential oils through skin and lungs.

Basically, Massage oils are combination of two or more different flavor oils and the combination contains at least base oils and essential oils. I think essential oils can play wonderful role if you use or mix with base oils as it also preferred by the industry. It is not important to use “neat” essential oils. Because it has seen that some of essential oils irritate the skin if we use as “neat” so it would be better if we can use it accordingly with carrier/base oils.


Here is the most of popular base/carrier oils that are highly use in Massage:

Grape-seed oil: Grape-seed oil is a very light oil and is very easy absorbed by the skin.

Sweet Almond oil: Sweet Almond oil is very reach in vitamins with high therapeutic value.

Olive oil:  it’s famous because of its therapeutic qualities but is not very popular because of its strong fragrance.

Some other most demanded carrier oils are: Apricot kernel, Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut, Hazelnut, Peach kernel, Sunflower.

Wheat-germ oil:  Wheat germ oils are also an excellent adjuvant to any base because of its antioxidant properties. Wheat-germs oil is a sticky oil so use it cautiously in your combinations.

If we talk about essential oils, there are lots of natural essential oils are available in the market but it’s really very difficult to choose 100% pure natural essential oils because lack of revolution in industry. Each essential oil has its own property, so it’s important to know properly about the required oils before going to buy any kinds of natural essential oils online or offline market place.

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Some excellent essential oils and their properties are:

Chamomile – anti-inflammatory and sedative,

Eucalyptus – respiratory problems, flu, skin infections;

Frankincense – helps the intellect;

Lavender – good sedative, heals burns, mood enhancer;

Lemon – antiseptic, lowers blood pressure and good for skin conditions; it is extremely volatile;

Peppermint – digestion, flatulence, flu;

Pine – antiseptic, very effective treating respiratory problems;

Rose – aphrodisiac and mood enhancer, very expensive oil.

Here is some key facts that you should consider when going to blend massage oil:

  • Make sure the limit of essential oils to be use because its oxidize
  • Make sure the maximum limit of base oils because its rancid
  • Each people has its own preference so ask them what they like and what’s needs. And also try to get feedback time to time.
  • Try to avoid mineral oils as much as possible, because these oil absorbed by the skin and sometimes they can be harmful.
  • Do not use more than 3% to 4% of essential oil in your blend.
  • Avoid mixing of too many oils, keep in mind “simple is more effective”.

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